I wish you strength.


OFFERINGS: We work 80 - 90,000 hours of our lives.  Most people would rather be doing something other than they are doing with all that time.  That's a great loss for individuals and for our society.

The highest aspiration of this work is to equip you with additional tools, insights, and trust to increasingly express the best of yourself.  My work honors the intersection of modern Western professionalism and timeless and universal wisdom practices. 


Four possibilities


1. Voice of the Heart

Most of us long for contribution, self-expression, security, growth, freedom, impact, and authentic alignment with our deepest human values.  Yet, we often feel something is missing, that something is off, something doesn't quite fit.  What gets in the way and keeps us from being who we want to be? 

This program is a deep investigation of the themes most relevant to a fulfilling, meaningful, and effective profession and life. Our work together will be to create meaningful change in your profession and life. 

2. Foundations of Mindfulness

Begin and/or strengthen your existing level of practice.  You develop a foundation in neuroscience and human development. Gain experience and comfort, expanding your presence through practice. We open a path to increased contentment, stress reduction, and mental clarity.

3. Dharma Lab

Building on Voice of the Heart, we uniquely blend the horizontal (e.g., practical, everyday, grounded, material) and vertical (e.g., purpose, mindfulness, self-knowledge, values) to expand your worldview and sense of identity.  This is a deep, transformative work. 

4. Servant Leadership Mastermind Group

A new offering that begins in October this year.  We will deepen our inner and outer work to realize a path of servant leadership in our lives and support each other to grow. 

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