I wish you strength.


OFFERINGS:  Global wisdom traditions have much to teach us about the modern longing.


Four possibilities


1. Voice of the Heart

Deeply investigate who you are and the themes most relevant to a fulfilling profession and life. You take the next SOLID step in aligning what you do in your profession with who you are as a human being--mind, body, heart, and soul.  We nurture clarity and self-trust.  And you’ll walk away with a clear, actionable plan for how to move forward.  (8 - 12 Sessions; one-on-one)

12 session program: As you learn in greater depth the art and science of self-observation, you'll have the key to navigating your lesser and better selves.

2. Foundations of Mindfulness

Begin and/or strengthen your existing level of practice.  You develop a foundation in neuroscience and human development. Gain experience and comfort, expanding your presence through practice. We open a path to increased contentment, stress reduction, and mental clarity. (8 or 12 Sessions; one-on-one or group)

3. Dharma Lab

A 6-month engagement.  We uniquely blend the horizontal (e.g., practical, everyday, grounded, material) and vertical (e.g., purpose, mindfulness, self-knowledge, values) to expand your worldview and sense of identity.  This is a deep, transformative work.  (# of sessions to be mutually determined; one-on-one)

4. Servant Leadership Mastermind Group

A new offering that begins in October this year.  We will deepen our inner and outer work to realize a path of servant leadership in our lives and support each other to grow. 

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