How does Work feel?


OFFERING: The promise of this work is to equip you with tools, knowledge, insights, and trust to increasingly express the best of yourself.  My work honors the intersection of modern Western professionalism and timeless and universal wisdom practices. 


One Service.


1. the Voice of renewal

At the root of it, despite everything, you recognize a misalignment between your work and self. 

The ache doesn't go away on its own.  Its insistence is a call for something new.  

The innovative method is a creative, custom expression drawn from a decade of deep, global research and practice.  The foundation is mindfulness, self-knowledge, and purpose.  It's intentionally deep because this is about shaking things up.

Global wisdom traditions and neuroscience will provide practical tools for navigating situations and your own mindset more skillfully.  Most of us long to understand ourselves and our contradictions better.

We will enter realms of fear, resistance, heart and soul to create renewal in a way that means something uniquely you.     

You will have an actionable plan, a new pathway, based on deep, renewed self-understanding.  You will have a revitalized take on life and strength to move forward.

8, 14 or 20 sessions.

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