Hi, my name is Prashant Goel.
I'm the founder of Imaginally.

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Bridge-builder, Innovator, Student of Life.

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Prashant is a facilitator, guide, and advisor dedicated to new ways of progress. He brings forth renewed practices of leadership, collaboration, creativity, and innovation, drawing on ancient wisdom traditions to advance modern possibility. Prashant has voyaged deep and broad, from the Amazon to the Himalayas, and 55+ countries. Having intensively and extensively studied with world-renowned teachers, facilitators, and elders, he brings a decade+ experience in transformational approaches to leadership development and systems + culture change.

Prashant founded Imaginally in 2012. He holds a JD/MBA, having graduated valedictorian, and is a current student at the Economics for Transition program at Schumacher College in Totnes, England.