Go beyond it

Welcome to Imaginally. Depth coach and guide when you yearn for change.




You need something to be...different.

We honor your dissatisfaction as a calling to express your truth in the world.

WHAT WE DO: Imaginally Depth Coaching nurtures the self-trust and inner clarity to live a life and profession guided by your truest gifts, talents, and convictions. Together we map and navigate entirely new ways of showing up in your world.

HOW WE DO IT: We guide you through a structured inquiry into your limiting beliefs and behaviors.  Through Mindfulness+, we help you shape a new narrative of self, world, and life that unlocks insight, change, and ever-growing fulfillment.

WHY WE DO IT: We believe the commitment to growing expression of our highest, truest selves breaks the modern cycle of apathy and malaise, cultivating a culture of peace and prosperity.

IMAGINALLY WORKS WITH: Talented, outwardly successful people who sense something is missing and yearn for a deeper level of satisfaction.

"I have a completely different view of the world, of my business, and of myself." ~Leandro, client


"Self-trust is the first secret of success. 
Self-trust is the essence of heroism."

~Ralph waldo emerson


A Small Sampling of Challenges That Land Here



You're secretly scared you might not measure up.  But your life is calling you beyond playing it safe. 

OFFERINGS:    Imaginally supports clients with innovative depth coaching programs which foster more mindful, authentic, prosperous living and professional expression.  Our Mindfulness+ approach is based on extensive research into human development, drawing on neuroscience, global wisdom traditions, and behavior studies.  Our relentless focus is on what works--what helps create positive transformation.  

We have four offerings, two for individuals and two for teams.

1. Foundations:  An innovative, proprietary 8-session methodology, which guides you to deeply investigate who you are and the themes most relevant to a fulfilling life and profession. 

2. The Calling: Completely customized to your needs and wants, the game grows up even more here.  Our work will include a good, close look at your demons--i.e. everything which gets in the way.  It's not easy and it's not overnight.

4. Prosperiteam: We travel into the unexamined interpersonal dynamics which dominate your team and lower its ceiling.  We carefully work together to create heretofore unimaginable norms of collaboration. 

3. Conscious Small Business: We uniquely blend the horizontal (e.g., strategy, structure, operations) and vertical (e.g., purpose, culture, human dimensions) with leaders and teams to address challenges and grow projects.


"I stopped pretending things were peachy and perfect." ~Scott, client