Hi, my name is Prashant Goel.

I work with small/medium businesses that are doing good in the world.  My clients see the broken stuff all around us and bring solutions.  Like you, they have no shortage of strengths, opportunities, and vision.  They approach their business with people and planet in mind, refusing to compromise values.  They care about integrated material and spiritual well-being.

They have challenges which include deepening their collaboration and gaining clarity about their pathway forward.

I see deep teamwork as the foundation.  It's like marriage.  It can be deeply rewarding and wonderful.  That's partly due to embracing the challenges which arise.  It's mostly due to the mutuality and friendship. 

Any business has its spirit and has its worldly expression, its vertical and horizontal dimensions.  The old paradigm focuses on the horizontal expression alone.  I am not an old paradigm consultant.

I bring global, deep, and fresh perspective to help create transformation.  I offer clear, structured, practical programs. 


My signature program is an intensive team intervention of 5-modules (Diagnostic Interviews, Collaboration, Self-Knowledge, Purpose, and Strategy/Action-Planning).  It works effectively in foundation-building, turnaround/renewal, and clarifying-next-steps situations.  My other services include most notably a Mindfulness for Culture Change program as a predecessor or stand-alone.

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Team + Partnership Transformation | Values | Mindfulness | Leadership Development | Purpose | Culture

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Structure | Strategy | Operations | Meeting Effectiveness

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Five observations inform my approach to team Transformation.