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Trust your longing.

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What we do

Profession Renewal:
Something is missing. 

How we do it

Depth Coaching:
A close, structured look at your strengths + demons.

Why We do it

Individual + Collective Evolution:
Professional life + an economy in service of human fulfillment.

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accept The Yearning for change. 


"My experience was very deep.  It's like medicine."

Ingryd, client


"This work started moving the mountains within me."

Aleks, client


"Life-changing. I have a completely different view of the world, of my business, and of myself."

Leandro, client


"I've made some major changes in my life.  I'm finally on the path to a more fulfilled life - one that is consistent with who I really am, rather than the one I always felt like I was supposed to want."

Kristine, client


"Working with Prashant has been life-changing.  It's not easy to look at yourself, see what is not working, what makes you afraid of changes, and most importantly, what you really need to do in order to change. I went down that road because of Prashant."

Gui, Client

"I now feel like I have the tools and daily habits that are leading me to incrementally live a little truer every day."

Lyndsey, client