A 4 min, 25 sec perspective on innovative ways of working possible in organizations

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A simplified overview of a typical engagement: Conscious Team Effectiveness


All work is completely customized to the current situation of the client. The following is merely illustrative. 



Work with leader (and possibly other team members) 1:1 to understand each other better, develop leadership capacity, and build trust.  This may or may not also include mindfulness work with the team. 


Interview members of the team in a straightforward, confidential manner and/or undertake series of observations to uncover the current challenges.


Present findings.  Customize knowledge-sharing and exercises to recognize, surface, and deeply understand:

(1) “vertical” dimension issues and opportunities—purpose | culture | team dynamics | values;

(2) “horizontal” issues and opportunities— structural | strategic |operational.


Settling into an expanded awareness with deeper appreciation for the actual factors driving overall functioning of the team/org.  Activities to be undertaken in this period become more clear after the previous stages are complete.


Implement changes and new norms within a new structure and set of practices designed to create greater effectiveness and more collaborative team functioning. 


The variables are too numerous to guarantee any specific outcomes, especially of course prior to us speaking and understanding the current situation.  Furthermore, I am in an early and experimental stage with this work (though I am in close contact with several experienced world-class (literally) mentors). But in addition to clarity regarding practical actions to be taken, the best of what I noticed with past client teams: they see each other in a new light; there is significantly increased room for honest exchange of perspectives; each person feels more relaxed in sharing who they are; there is greater trust; collaboration, creativity, and communication are noticeably improved. 

While I bring attention to any opportunities for improvement, culture tends to have a special place in my work simply because it is so commonly overlooked.  For a recent article from Seth Godin, click here.


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