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In your heart, you know there's a better way.

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My work with clients is bespoke. The perspective on personal and professional development is summarized in the slideshow and outcomes section below.

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A specific shape and the focal points will naturally emerge.  Variables include your current challenge, number of sessions, and your engagement with true change. Overall outcomes will take on their own unique tone. Those described below are ones most regularly realized with previous clients.

Intention: Help client define and/or refine a professional path with more meaning and greater effectiveness.  We use a deep, multi-dimensional structured inquiry and practical tools which support taking the next solid step.  We introduce and prepare ongoing cultivation of meta-competencies of self-trust, presence, and purpose as an ever-deepening way of life (as opposed to a destination to be reached).  

Imaginally True Change has the following features and potential benefits. 


The basics:

(1) Draws on timeless and modern principles of global wisdom traditions, depth psychology, and neuroscience.
(2) Use a variety of tools depending on client preference and need including meditation, readings, music, images, videos, mantra to deepen understanding.
(3) Language of program is modified anywhere in a range of completely secular to overtly spiritual depending on client preference.
(4) Visit past, present, and future to understand the roots and limitations of current situation and future possibilities
(5) Take a good close look at a variety of themes most relevant to fulfillment in profession and life.
(6) Oriented towards root-causes rather than superficial symptoms; favors long-term, gradual, enduring growth while not giving credence to "overnight", "instant", "10-steps" type success paradigms.
(7) Dharma Consultant deeply committed to research, practice and experience of human development, along with JD/MBA and consulting background to support external action-oriented aspects of development.

Possible outcomes include:

(1) The Allergy Principle: Come to understand how forms of negativity and reactivity are not based on what we experience, but how we perceive what we experience.  
(2) Identify narratives in your mind that limit your capacity to act from your best.
(3) Make insightful connections between your current everyday challenges and your own story, on the level of how you think, feel, and act.
(4) Notice how the space between who you think you should be and who you are creates negative self-talk and unhappiness.
(5) Bring attention to the best in you as well as meaningfully and safely to the demons, resistance, fear, and blind spots that block you from being who you want to be, doing what you want to do.
(6) Action-planning and new commitments based on deeper levels of self-understanding.
(7) New and/or strengthened foundation in practice of mindfulness and self-observation.
(8) Strengthened alignment with your own values.
(9) More meaning, effectiveness, fulfillment, and clarity in your professional life.
(10) Practical and grounded support to land and/or expand your project or take your next solid step.
(11) Stronger connection to the Voice of the Heart.