Hi, my name is Prashant Goel.
I'm the founder of Imaginally.

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In service of true change.

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Prashant is motivated by true change. He focuses on supporting individuals and mission-driven orgs who want professional change and/or are already change-making in the world.  He is informed by a wide spectrum of traditional and untraditional experiences.  This includes travel to 55+ countries and an extensive 8 year dedicated study and practice of timeless wisdom traditions ranging across the Amazon rainforest, meditation caves in the Himalayas, and hallowed classrooms of the west.  

In his own life he has transformed from a binge-drinking, chain-smoking, recreational-drug-using, buffalo-wing-and-steak-devouring, first-class-flying strategy consultant into a sober, vegan, married, mindfulness and yoga practitioner connected to an ancient yogic lineage of India. He would love to be perfect but isn’t close, occasionally pulls out random references to growing up in the 80’s, and enjoys tasty stuff.

Imaginally True Change blends some of his favorite interests: human nature, new economy, social impact, org development, and dharma.  He affirms and passionately studies the dynamic relationships between individual and society; inner change and outer change; east and west; science and spirituality; and helping others and transforming ourselves.  As a JD/MBA, he graduated valedictorian of his class.  He doesn’t think it’s corny to believe in love and peace. He wrote this bio in 3rd person.