Hi, my name is Prashant Goel.
I'm the founder of Imaginally.

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A wide range of conventional and unconventional experiences around the world shape my perspective and passion in supporting individuals and orgs ready to create more fulfilling and effective professional lives.

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I am a self-knowledge and mindfulness-based dharma consultant.  I offer professional renewal and development services for individuals, projects, teams, and orgs. 

I came across a statistic the other day.  We work 80-90,000 hours in our lifetimes.  And still, it seems most people would rather be doing something other than they are doing with all that time.  The great majority of us are looking to express the best of ourselves authentically, with a sense of autonomy, towards something we really care about, while satisfyingly being able to take care of our material lives.  Nearly universally we want meaning, security, freedom, belonging, connection, a sense of contribution, and growth.  

We live in times of great opportunity and great need.  The world seems to be calling for us to give it all that we have to give.  Yet, there are a lot of difficulties inwardly and outwardly in moving the direction the compass is pointing.  So the norm remains for most people to keep playing it safe. 

So the question comes down to whether we trust ourselves enough to accept the challenge and trust the longing in our hearts.  There’s a lot of rational reasons to stay put, to give in, to settle, to be skeptical about possibility.  But our own minds are where the enemy lives.  We have to be willing to stand up.  Once the challenge is loud enough to do something, it’s time to congratulate ourselves.  Because we’ll have the motivation we need to create true change and take responsibility for our own evolution as a way of life.  The dissatisfaction can be the doorway to the new day.  It can be the chance to reclaim a sense of shaping our own destiny.

After earning a JD/MBA and graduating valedictorian, I myself struggled with professional dissatisfaction while being outwardly “successful”.  At one point, I switched jobs 3 times in 3 years.  Prompted by my own longing, I spent 8 years in an extended, unplanned learning quest around the globe from the Amazon Rainforest to meditation caves in India and onto courses of the west.  I dedicated myself to spending all these years with people much, much, much wiser than me and with friends new and old who accepted me for who I am. I focused on the exploration and practice of human development.  I was blown away by some basic truths of human nature I never learned in school, society or family.  I transformed from a chain-smoking, binge-drinking, drug-using, business strategy consultant flying first class to Europe into a sober, vegan, married, mindfulness and yoga practitioner connected to an ancient yogic lineage of India. This blend of conventional and unconventional has led me to be well-versed in a wide range of references from Harvard Business Review to the Bhagavad Gita.  I've now traveled to 55+ countries and the journey has become lifelong, an ongoing shift of perspective and lifestyle.

I now know much better fear, rage, grief, and shame.  I also now know much better my own gifts, talents, and strengths.  I am slowly learning to be human enough to feel, connect, and own all those things.  Some people don't want that.  But I am now convinced happiness only happens to the extent we embrace all aspects of our humanity.  There is beauty and woundedness in each of us.

Yet the truth is, the more I learn the less I know.  Life is full of mystery and wonder.  I don't claim to have anywhere near all the answers.  I struggled for a few years to believe in my voice and experience while building Imaginally (Ask my designer Leandro!!).  But I have slowly come to know I have learned much worth sharing.  I have slowly, painfully gained confidence as I have walked.  I believe most people are dissatisfied because while their minds and bodies may have their needs met, their hearts and souls are asking for more space and understanding.  I take an approach that’s based on all levels--physical, mental, emotional, spiritual--of your development. I am going to gently and directly challenge you to learn what the real obstacles that stand in the way are.  Working with me is a step away from the old and the next solid step in giving what you have to give to this world.

Fortunately, there is a growing number of us who are finding their own way to contribute to the movement of sacred professionalism.  No matter how we define "sacred", our professions and organizations can be a place where we continually deepen in expressing the best of ourselves, making a contribution, growing inwardly in ever more beautiful ways, and meeting our own needs.  It's clearly worthwhile to keep hope alive, working for a culture of peace and prosperity supported by universal human values.  Personally, I practice living by honesty, self-responsibility, kindness, service, dedication, and beauty.