I'm encouraged to keep going and growing by the value people receive.


A curiously wide range of clients defy external categorization and demographics.


Clients include:

• non-profit exec
• black belts
• international law firm partner
• college student
• farmer
• corporate exec/ivy league mba
• entrepreneurs
• yogis/spiritual seekers
• exotic dancer
• artist
• coach/mindfulness consultant
• best-selling author
• waitress
• healers/therapists


Different variations. same challenge.

The inner demographic, however, is remarkably consistent.  Simply speaking, it's people who wish to get more real, understand themselves better, and make a difference.  Letting go of conventional success for self-definition is another common thread.  Yet, bringing one's own humanness and authenticity to professional life is easier said than done.  Open-mindedness, courage, and a powerful sense of self-reflection are fundamental. 



Challenging, Liberating, Enlightening.


Scott R.

Prashant is without question one of the most intriguing, intuitive, and inspiring people that I've ever met…Our work was deeply personal for me.

He helped me to be courageous and follow my heart.

I stopped pretending that things are peachy and perfect when they aren't.  Its about facing what's in front of you in a very real way. And when the willingness to be vulnerable, to see oneself in the mirror becomes greater and greater, understanding comes.  And that is where real change occurs. Real progress.  And THAT, is exactly where Prashant does his magic.

With love, Scott

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Fulfillment, Authenticity, Acceptance.


Kristine R.

Through our work together, Prashant has helped me to stop fighting my feelings and to start listening to my true voice. Since then, I've made some major changes in my life, including leaving my law partnership. I feel like I'm finally on the path to a more fulfilled life - one that is consistent with who I really am, rather than the one I always felt like I was supposed to want.

I highly recommend working with Prashant.

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Courageous, Compassionate, Deep.


Michelle S.

Most people are uncomfortable looking at themselves, their motives and their emotions for any length of time. Prashant has the unique ability to encourage this activity, and yet have deep compassion for oneself in the process…I would highly recommend working with Prashant.

You are going to help a lot of people with this work Prashant!

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Life-changing, Introspective, Encouraging.


Gui C.

Working with Prashant has been life-changing…Prashant got me to think about things I never wanted to explore since, frankly, it has the potential to be a really bothersome and painful process.

It's not easy to look at yourself, see what is not working, what makes you afraid of changes, and most importantly, what you really need to do in order to change. I went down that road because of Prashant.

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Inspiring, Energizing, Revealing.


Lena E.

Yes! The coaching process I did with Prashant was both profound and comfortable. His welcoming, warm and sensitive style of listening and asking questions made me open up, and I trusted him from the very beginning. He has a good intuition, and he is very intelligent. Because of this, he managed to help me see new things about myself and how I can develop the areas of my life that need to be improved. He was inspiring and very motivating and I felt he was fully dedicated to my process and my development. He is a great coach, and I am very grateful for the good work that was done!

Prashant, You have a sensitivity and a genuine interest, that made me trust you instantly. I experienced that you really could see my difficulties and that you gave me honest feedback.

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Inspiring, Practical, Comforting.


Lyndsey L.

For several years I have had this nagging feeling that I am not doing the work professionally that I’m best suited for. This has come to head recently, now that I have two young daughters – if I’m going to be away from them all day at work, I have a need for that work to be meaningful to me.

I had a hunch Prashant would be a great person to work with.  He is easy-to-talk to, he is someone I respect and thought I could trust, I like his sense of humor, and he always brings either an interesting story or topic to the conversation. 

I liked that this approach served to slowly uncover deep-seated and ingrained ways of thinking that have been the result of decades of parental and cultural upbringing.  It did this by gently and and non-confrontationally talking about the past.

I am so fortunate for the serendipity that led this to be; I am now on a path to changing my professional course, and also to living the life I want in other ways. I will always be grateful to Prashant.

Prashant, You are a kind, honest, and true coach -- sincere and well-intentioned. So well-read and insightful, yet never pretentious or judgmental. I admire your commitment to your values, your generosity with your time and expertise, and your open ears.

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Understanding, Hope, Joy.


Aleks M.

I feel that this work started moving the mountains within me and promoted a new way of thinking that is lighter, happier and way more positive. There is more trust in myself, life, existence, god and somewhat less of that negative inner voice. Some of the dreams I am having are so clear and supportive. I also notice so many more things that come from outside support my work of self discovery and transformation.

I definitely would wholeheartedly recommend this work to a friend.
I am transitioning, awakening, moving forward.

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Surrender, Trust, Self-knowledge.


Ingryd .

My experience was absolutely amazing. It was beautiful! The flame of my heart shines!  The methodology is gentle, clear and honest.

My experience was very deep, and opened new ways to observing my actions, thoughts, feelings... it's like medicine, cleaning my eyes to see through all levels of my physical and spiritual body.

It couldn't be easy, because when you start "cleaning", a lot of things come up. To be present with discipline, observing the signs, requires a strong force to self-improve.

I'm full of gratitude to have this opportunity, learning how to awaken the observer.

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Comprehensive, Thoughtful, Actionable.


Ryan L.

Yes! I am a believer in this methodology!

I really enjoyed the process and am very grateful for the experience.  Loved the structure, progression, and results.

I found Imaginally’s program to be an extremely worthwhile experience. Prashant uses a comprehensive approach to personal coaching that surfaced healthy emotions, more clearly revealed to me how certain life decisions of mine were influenced by how I was raised,and revealed some key actionable insights for my personal and professional development. I would highly recommend this program to open-minded professionals looking for something beyond the typical (and often less effective) personal/professional development options out there. 

Much love to you Prashant.

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Case Studies

Each of the cases presents a specific type of challenge taken head on by motivated clients who realized excellent results.


Each of the clients shares their story, their transformation, and their advice with people who might be going through something similar.  Each of them affirms the possibilities of change in their own beautiful, unique way.  Each case is accompanied by my video commentary and a list of typical symptoms associated with that particular challenge.