Bright Spots - #12: Team Theory Transforms How You Think About Hiring (Part 1 of 3)


David Osborne and Michael Weyandt of Team Theory bring clear, cohesive, constructive insight to how we can evolve and revolutionize hiring.  Their numbers speak for themselves.  High quality fit of candidates with teams leaps from 20 to 80% where they get involved.

When you listen to them, you'll see why they realize such impressive results.  Their approach is both systematic and artful.  Their clients have said things like, "You guys were able to bring this objective process to the entire equation. At the end of the day we felt so good. We’ve never felt so good about a decision."

The stakes are high.  Effectiveness at hiring considerably contributes to our effectiveness as teams.  And our fulfillment has a ton to do with who we surround ourselves with.  As Michael says, it's ultimately about forging unforgettable relationships.  What a beautiful, high aspiration to attribute to hiring.

As they remind us, what they do is not rocket science.  But this belies how much expertise and insight they have developed.  When you talk with them, you see they understand with refined nuance the essence of what hiring simply IS and can be.  It starts with a clear grasp for the fundamentals which are more overlooked than you might think.

It deepens from there.

Too many teams and orgs rely on the status quo of hiring.  They don't have references for how they could be transforming their teams.

I spoke to Michael and David of Team Theory independently for two different episodes of the Bright Spots podcast, episode 12 and episode 13.  My feeling after re-listening to both conversations is that they are peanut butter and jelly conversations.  The individual conversations complement each other. 

I recommend starting with episode, #12, with Michael Weyandt.  I reference elements from the conversation with David occasionally (which happened first chronologically), but it doesn't present an obstacle.

Michael helps us get a clear understanding with concrete examples the types of changes they recommend and why.  It becomes startlingly clear.

We start with elements of his own journey.  Getting a feel for his relevant references helps us as we go into hiring from there, about 10 minutes in.

After we gain this clarity with Michael, David helps us understand how they conceptualize: (1) the challenges teams are facing, (2) the common fallacies in the hiring process; and (3) 360 fit in their Beyond Recruiting methodology.

If hiring is relevant to your professional life, start with the 50 minute conversation with Michael and continue with the conversation with David.  I promise it will open a pathway to revolutionizing your hiring process.  I don't say that lightly.  I believe in their work.

Michael and David will be back with Nita Baum of b*free for a 4 way conversation in early January.

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