TC Podcast Ep. 9 - Practice, Hope, and Scarcity with Victoria Castle

"If struggling were the way, we'd all be there by now."

Yes, it's like a splash of cold water in the face.  In the best possible way.  Victoria Castle reveals for us a deep root of one of the main causes of difficulty in our lives as individuals and as a society.  It is deceptively simple to understand cognitively, but a true master key in changing our lives and our happiness for the better.  She makes very clear the difference between facts/reality and the stories, interpretations, perspectives, lenses, and assumptions we bring to those circumstances.  She shares warmth, clarity, and humor in describing a phenomenon that easily goes unnoticed -- the Trance of Scarcity. 

The Trance of Scarcity is the prevailing norm in how we see the world in terms of survival, struggle, stress--that there isn't enough, we aren't good enough, that we don't have enough.  It has become so commonplace to our way of thinking that we rarely challenge those thoughts and stories. 

Our immensely enjoyable and insightful conversation touches on the following:

  • The limitations of struggle

  • The simplicity of using breathing consciously and centering to make positive change moment-to-moment

  • The power of daily practices to come from our best selves

  • How the stories I am not good enough, competent enough, wealthy enough, beautiful enough, smart enough, old or young enough, "I am only lovable if…"etc—how that is a story, an interpretation, an assessment, a lens on reality which produces our experience

  • The surprising downside of thinking in terms of right/wrong or good/bad instead of what is practical and useful in terms of our higher aims

  • The power we have in what we think to align with greater possibility, without devolving into affirmations or positive thinking

  • How struggling and striving externally won’t fix the things that feel off inside us

  • Pitfalls once we see scarcity of measuring ourselves by perfection

  • Life-changing power of gratitude

  • The Trim Tab insight: Finding the best leverage points for change

  • And more

    Thanks as always for listening and for doing your thing in the world.