TC Podcast - Ep. 7: Awakening, Success, and Courage with Eric Klein of WisdomHeart

"A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination." ~Nelson Mandela

This conversation with Eric Klein is full of depth, humor, and insight.  It was a pleasure to speak with him.  As a spiritual practitioner with a steady practice for over 45 years, and as someone who has also wrote a best-selling business book, he has a lot to share.  He remains relevant to seekers and corporate audiences alike because of his emphasis on our deeper shared humanity and steady presence.

He shares some touching anecdotes with personability, meaning, and wit.  He has touched thousands of people around the world with his work and it is easy to see why.  There's much I could say about the conversation, but this time around I feel more compelled to let it speak for itself.