TC Podcast - Episode 4: High Performance Creative Business, Leadership, And Heart with Niraj German Heller

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”— Nelson Mandela

I think we all intuitively know that good leadership is heart-driven and service-based--that it empowers other instead of aggrandizing ego.  He shares that looking inward is an important key to good business practice. 

It's impossible to listen to Niraj's insights and not see how he has aligned his and his company's goals and achievements with the heart.  He shares a theme of what it is to mature past rebellion and morality to finding systems that are practical and have real-world applicability.   It's an impressive accomplishment to have a team of 40 creatives, delivering projects all around the world with well-known companies, and do it with great integrity and without selling out.

I couldn't help but be impressed.  And if you are the type who is interested in business, or in spirituality and want to see a strong example of how these intersect, this conversation with Niraj will open you to new horizons.

Niraj is a dear friend and I was very glad and inspired to get to know even more about his professional side.  He shares only a fraction of his amazing sense of humor in this conversation, but it's enough for a couple of chuckles. :)