TC Podcast - Episode 3: Music, Trust, Love, and Spiritual Transformation with Prem Moham

'A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.' ~Leopold Stokowski

Speaking with Prem Moham is a treat of thoughtfulness, kindness, vulnerability, and courage.  Behind music of value is the heart of an artist.  Exploring Moham's path of dharma and hearing his stunning voice is an inspiration.  Another wide-ranging conversation touching on everything from Jesus, homosexuality, creativity, mantra, and devotion to a Guru.  Moham owns who he is with a refreshing authenticity that can't help but gently challenge people to open their minds. 

Moham is indeed an artist of silence.  Along with his wonderfully talented partner Surya, they have created a spiritual triumph of a cd. I encourage all but especially yogis to do themselves the favor of downloading.  I sometimes half-jokingly call this album the anthem of the (non-new-agey) new age.  I predict it will be a favorite and classic in spiritual communities very soon.  You can catch Prem Moham and Surya in the Western US this summer with their tour culminating at Bhaktifest in California this September.