TC Podcast - Episode 11: The Spiritual "Ubertrend" with Jody Whelden


In response to an article I was reading on LinkedIn about major "ubertrends" shaping societal movements, Jody had posted a comment which described succinctly, clearly, and convincingly that the most important trend of all was not mentioned--the massive growth in numbers of people wanting to connect to a deeper dimension of human life. 

I was impressed and decided to reach out to Jody and see if she would be interested in joining me for a conversation.  Fortunately she was happy to share her wisdom with us.

I see Jody as an elder who has deepened into the ways of living by the heart, beyond the prevailing norms of rationality and intellectualism.  She has understood something about the human experience and that for which we truly long.  As a Spiritual Educator, she practices what she shares with others.  She has practiced authenticity and courage for a long time now and bears many insights to show for it. 

She helps us by placing her observations in an informative historical, evolutionary context.  Our conversation touches on the following themes: 

  • How society corrodes without the rudder of the human heart
  • How each person awakening, one by one, step by step is the key to remaking the fabric of our culture
  • How the inner life came to be overlooked historically
  • What makes this time so remarkable, so exciting
  • How we can create a new consciousness and a new way of being in the world
  • How religion and spiritual paths can be used for bad purposes—but having faith that each person is exactly where they should be.
  • How a sense of expansiveness is the big test for whatever spirituality you are exploring
  • How chaos can be creative and good, even if it’s challenging
  • How it can be a good thing when the collective shadows are more obviously out in the world
  • Scientific findings and research findings of rising levels of spirituality while lowering sense of religion
  • And further research from the Heartmath institute about the high intuitive guidance of the heart
  • Finding people for support and community as a spiritual person in the prevailing culture
  • Unlearning rules of how we are supposed to do it
  • Classic relationship challenges in western culture based on assigned gender roles
  • Practical advice from Jody for moving into the heart
  • and much more

I hope you enjoy it.

As always, thanks for listening.  All the best. 

PS--This is the last podcast I have done under the True Change name and concept.  From here on out, this podcast will be known as Bright Spots.  I am excited for the small but meaningful change.