Special Episode 5: Grounded with Nita Baum of b*free

"It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole." ~Rupi Kaur

“Flying starts from the ground. The more grounded you are, the higher you fly.”~ J.R. Rim

And so, the special 5 part series with the ever-talented, insightful, and generous Nita Baum concludes here.  We go out on a high note, while feeling very grounded in the earth.  This conversation in my humble opinion carries groundedness within its essence.  Nita and I found such a nice flow in our conversations and used our own shared community/friendship (a key part of groundedness as we discover) as the basis for this 5 part series.  In this conversation, I express the value I hold for her friendship and how much it has meant to me. 

We go deep into the interconnectictivity between healthy practices, fear, self-acceptance, community, and vulnerability.  We touch on the following topics:

  • Nita gets us started with a lovely experiential grounding practice
  • Why might everybody be meditating in a century and what does that have to do with dentists?
  • The right and importance of each person discovering and integrating healthy practices for themselves
  • How the healthcare system in the US has its strengths but is also largely reactive
  • How we learn how to systematically dismantle and gain power over fear
  • Accessibility and simplicity of practices which support our well-being and growth
  • Connection of groundedness to community, home, family, connection, relationship
  • The challenge and universality of feeling separated, isolated, different than, otherness
  • How community opens our eyes to the richness of our shared experience and humanness
  • Personal story about how the community I share with Nita as a friend helped me to overcome the feeling of cognitive dissonance and challenge for stepping out onto a road less traveled
  • Roots of other are in our fear, uncertainty, vulnerability, highlights the power of turning towards that fear—our kinship in realizing shared experience of fear
  • What do you turn to when you feel afraid?  What grounds you?
  • Reference to M Scott Peck’s 4 stage sequence for community building
  • Intimate relation with being truthful, protecting against the feeling of being not good enough and pretending we’re not dealing with that on some level
  • Practice, fear, self-acceptance, community,  vulnerability and all comes together in groundedness

As always, thanks for listening and all the best.