Special Episode 4: In Power with Nita Baum of b*free

"To be powerful is a possibility to create because nothing can be created without power. It is only when power becomes a means to dominate that power becomes ugly. Unfortunately, as most human beings have not found any sense of deep fulfillment within themselves, they are constantly hankering for dominance.

We need to understand that power is not just political or economic power – there are various ways to be powerful. There is the power of love, the power of compassion, the power of meditation, the power of self-absorption, the power of surrender, the power of selflessness, and above all, the power of being human. " ~ Sadhguru

The 4th part in the special 5 part series with Nita Baum on the 5 values of b*free continues.   This time we speak about being in power.  We both have enjoyed this series immensely. 

The conversation touches on the following themes:

  • How power begins with self-responsibility and the vast difference between responsiveness and reactivity
  • The theme of practice and flexing the muscle of self-responsibility
  • Power vs Force and the support we receive, and the flow we experience, when we align and harmonize our work with the best in ourselves and in service of the common good
  • A couple of worthwhile mindset experiments to conduct in social or networking situations
  • Cycle of giving and receiving and how the consciousness of having something to give, even the generosity of fully listening can be supportive
  • How self-trust connects you to the power within you and around you
  • How our fears related to money keep us from our power and what is true in our hearts
  • How status and ego may reflect power but have little to do with that motivation
  • Transition from old paradigm to new paradigm
  • Radical experiment of considering the positive possibilities of what would happen if our financial systems collapsed?
  • How we use crisis to find our power and turn towards each other—discover our own power anew, see the lens of possibility
  • What is the role of humility in being powerful and is it about owning or denying our strengths?
  • How money itself is not the villain but our mindsets connected to money create problems
  • "At what point does the shift from survival to thriving happen and how much is money related to that?"
  • Nita’s encapsulation in the last 5 minutes really stands out.

As always, thanks for listening and all the best.