Bright Spots - #14: Hope and Fear in Broken Stuff and New Possibilities


May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.

~Nelson Mandela


For the first time ever on the Bright Spots podcast, I welcome multiple guests.  Nita Baum of b*free and David Osborne and Michael Weyandt of Team Theory join me in this episode.  We are all passionate about how to continue evolving the ways we work.  That was front and center in this episode, while the conversation drew in many references beyond that. 

This was a fascinating 4-way conversation in which we didn't shy away from some of the uncomfortable shadows that have shaped where we are today.  And we also didn't shy away from positive visions that attract our imaginations towards what might be possible.  We tried through the diversity and unity of our perspectives to grasp the reality driving the way we currently do things in organizations, which includes considerations of individuals and society.  And throughout the conversation, we consider and highlight new pathways. 

I apologize that the sound quality could have been better, though it is more than passable.  I did my best in the edits. 

Themes are wide-spanning and include:

  • Co-Creation and the power of dialog especially when trying to charter into unknown territory
  • Relevance of Diversity
  • Organizations as a great lever for change, as a meeting point between individuals and the collective
  • How do we accept all of us in all of our humanity in work? How might holistic approaches which consider the human spirit create better realities? 
  • A Human Symphony and the human body as metaphors for a New Economy
  • The collective grief which still exists and shaped many choices we made coming out of two world wars
  • Common flaws in ways of thinking about hiring
  • Growth and deficit-based mindsets and outcomes when applied to specific situations
  • How both job-seekers and companies sometimes set a very low bar for what they want
  • Understanding situational context and drawing on a wide repertoire of responses in approaching challenges
  • Fear
  • The magic of connection
  • And of course much more.

I hope it's as much a pleasure to listen to as it was for us to experience.  All the best.