lena case

"A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid of the branch breaking, because her trust is not on the branch but on her own wings. Always believe in yourself." 


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1. Where were you in your profession and life before our coaching work together?

I was very dissatisfied with my professional life when I started the coaching process with Prashant. I was working as an independent coach and was hired as a consultant for leadership programs by an established traditional leadership development agency. My dream was to start a professional company with two friends and do everything based on our own values and methods with the intention of contributing to a better world.


2. Where are you now? What's different? How do you feel about it?

During the process with Prashant I defined short term goals, and long term goals. The short term goal was to make a web page.  The long term goal, that would be in some years, was starting a company with my two partners, and making a full range of services, workshops and retreats for both the corporate market and the private market within coaching, leadership development, mindfulness and personal development.

Just short time after I had ended the coaching process with Prashant, magical things started to happen. We where given all the resources we needed to start a professional company, and my two partners left the positions they had and we started Catori together in august 2016. The first seven months has been amazing, and we where in full business from day one. Our slogan is Transformation and Growth for organisations and people, and in the day to day business we can see that we are managing to do just that.


3. What internal barriers did you face in making these tremendous changes?

During the coaching process, I had to face a lot of barriers, one of them to to find the courage to be visible and stand up for my values and my humanistic view within the business coaching scene. This included the will to be ridiculed for wanting to bring spirituality--consciousness development and love--as two of the main pillars of my work.

4. In making these changes, what did you find most supportive about the Coaching work with Prashant?

Prashant is a great coach, he is respectful, warm, and at the same time very sharp and effective in his observations and coaching techniques. He was genuinely interested and dedicated to my case. He went deep into the process with me, and made me see the essence of my problems and shortcomings, and at the same time showered me with support pointing out to me my resources and talents. That made me feel great and I started to believe that yes, I can do what ever I want. Without saying it out loud, he left me with the feeling that can be best described like: Cut the crap. Just go for it. All in all, he gave me exactly the coaching that I needed to go ahead with my life.


5. What about your story do you feel might be most meaningful for others?

I think that would be: Get yourself a coach! It is the best gift you can give yourself. Preferably Prashant if he has available time.


6. What encouragement do you offer to people who are currently living "successfully" without satisfaction?

Life is too short. Follow your heart and your passion. Put your talents in service for other people and for the world everyone.


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My commentary on Lena's case


Symptoms of an "Into the World" Challenge may include:

  • Fear that your authentic self will be rejected and is not good enough;
  • Fear of expressing your values more in your day-to-day and professionally;
  • A feeling that your material and spiritual lives are disconnected;
  • Feeling stuck on your path in one or more areas of your life;
  • A yearning to be of service that you have not yet been able to address;
  • Feeling your options are limited in the material world;
  • The sense that you may be withholding the best of yourself in order to fit in.