Believe in the path of standing up for your truth.



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"May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears."

Nelson Mandela

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Truth is power. 

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What we do

Dharma + Science of Mindset Transformation:
High Performance + Fulfillment.

How we do it

Deep Inner Work + Concrete Outer Work:
Self-knowledge + Mindfulness + Purposeful Action.

Why We do it

Individual + Collective Evolution:
An Economy Driven by Wisdom, Not Fear. 

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new possibilities when you Yearn for change. 


"My experience was very deep.  It's like medicine."

Ingryd, client


"This work started moving the mountains within me."

Aleks, client


"Life-changing. I have a completely different view of the world, of my business, and of myself."

Leandro, client


"I've made some major changes in my life.  I'm finally on the path to a more fulfilled life - one that is consistent with who I really am, rather than the one I always felt like I was supposed to want."

Kristine, client


"Working with Prashant has been life-changing.  It's not easy to look at yourself, see what is not working, what makes you afraid of changes, and most importantly, what you really need to do in order to change. I went down that road because of Prashant."

Gui, Client

"I now feel like I have the tools and daily habits that are leading me to incrementally live a little truer every day."

Lyndsey, client


give what you came to give.


OFFERING: The promise of this work is to equip you with tools, knowledge, insights, and trust to increasingly express the best of yourself.  My work honors the intersection of modern Western professionalism and timeless and universal wisdom practices. 


One Service.


1. dharma + Science of Mindset transformation

We have dreams and goals.  We aim to create a life of meaning and prosperity.  But something holds us back.  We experience dissatisfaction and frustration.  We hold deep fears which material satisfaction alone doesn't and won't change.  Is this how it simply has to be?

This program focuses on the practical--honesty + self-responsibility.  We'll see how this puts us in touch with our better selves.  We'll see how this leads us to challenge our demons, fear, and resistance.

The foundation of this work is mindfulness, self-knowledge, and purpose.  For those interested in new and better ways and those already committed to a path of self-transformation, the next solid step awaits. 

It's about learning tools for navigating situations and our own mindsets more skillfully.  It's about transforming our relationship to life and ourselves on an ongoing basis.    

You will have an actionable plan based on deep, renewed self-understanding.  You will have a revitalized take on life and strength to move forward. 

14 or 20 sessions. 

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