"The only real valuable thing is intuition."

Albert Einstein

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1. Where were you in your profession and life before our coaching work together?

I found Prashant at a time of life that I was in huge transition. I was leaving my job of 20 years in corporate America.  I was working for a multi billion dollar consumer products company, where I enjoyed the people, loved my boss, had a great salary and benefits, but not challenged at the work I was doing and a bit bored.  I was also frustrated with my personal life. I was craving change in my life. I met Prashant right after I found out that my nice cushy job was eliminated. They gave me choices, which I could have taken, but there was something inside me that said instead of staying to go and see what else was out there. Therefore, I took this as an opportunity instead of a failure.

2. Where are you now? What's different? How do you feel about it?

Now I am a Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor and a Business Mentor and Success Education Coach. I feel much more confident and happy about my life. I am doing what I want to do and on my own terms.

3. What internal barriers did you face in making these tremendous changes?

I second guessed myself and asked myself what I was doing. I questioned my thought process, the path I was on, my financials. I felt like a mess on the outside and internally I felt guided to something great. I was so scared…still am a bit. Although I also feel free.   

4. In making these changes, what did you find most supportive about the Coaching work with Prashant?

He helped me though the process for sure! He is very easy to talk to. I wondered about being over the internet, but the work was still very personable. Every time I spoke to him, I felt grounded and he helped me come to my decision to leave corporate America for something more fulfilling, which I thank him for.

I never realized my potential to be an entrepreneur. I was probably unhappy because I wasn’t an employee, so to speak. Although everyone surrounding me was and I felt I was suppose to be one. Even though it just never felt right!

It was an emotional change and he helped guide me through those emotions into a productive state in order to be successful in a more passionate, loving and prosperous life! 

5. What about your story do you feel might be most meaningful for others?

Follow your intuition! Trust yourself! Be yourself! It is a wonderful feeling to be free and connected to the one you know best…yourself! 

6. What encouragement do you offer to people who are currently living "successfully" without satisfaction?

Re-evaluate your life and find something you that is more fulfilling. Prosperity and abundance will find you along the way!

7. Anything else?

Don’t look back! Be determined to make the changes in your life. Regardless of the people,places or things surrounding you. Practice the changes each day until they become second nature. You won’t regret it! 

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My commentary on Felicia's case


Symptoms of a "Time of Transition" challenge may include:

  • Some type of professional circumstance that is unfamiliar, destabilizing, and/or stress and anxiety producing;
  • Dealing with an unpredictable change or one voluntarily taken on because of a need for change;
  • Feeling like you are in between worlds;
  • Not sure where you belong;
  • Seeking greater depth, meaning, and more answers;
  • Fear, uncertainty, discomfort at a sense of waiting and/or uncertainty;
  • Money worries because of a change;
  • Lifestyle and/or your world feels like it is changing;
  • Traditional notions of success no longer feel satisfying;
  • It feels challenging and uphill to activate your new project;
  • Time for sabbatical;
  • Feeling like you can't imagine living more or less the life you have until retirement.