Hi, my name is Prashant Goel.
I'm the founder of Imaginally.

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Affirming Life.

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We work 80-90,000 hours in our lifetimes.  And still, it seems most people would rather be doing something other than they are doing with all that time.  The great majority of us are looking to express the best of ourselves authentically, with a sense of autonomy, towards something we really care about, while satisfyingly being able to take care of our material lives.  Nearly universally we want meaning, security, freedom, belonging, connection, a sense of contribution, and growth. 

We live in times of great opportunity and great need.  The world seems to be calling for us to give it all that we have to give.  Yet, there are a lot of difficulties inwardly and outwardly in moving the direction the compass is pointing.  So the norm remains for most people to keep playing it safe.

I believe fulfillment is found in expressing our gifts and talents in lives of purpose, which includes service of the common good (in ways big and small) and of our own personal transformation.  This means challenging our fear, resistance, and even identities.  I doubt anybody would claim this is easy.  I certainly haven't found it that way.  I have needed a ton of support and still do.  I don't claim to have all the answers and I certainly don't have any shortcuts.  But I believe in what I do have to share. 

I work at the intersection of modern Western professionalism and timeless Eastern wisdom practices.  I see that a new economy, powerful tools of connection, and a shaky global landscape are giving rise to exciting social trends.  A growing number of us are committing to a professional life of contribution and authentic alignment with deeper human values.  I see new possibilities and frontiers in all areas of human endeavor and this gives me hope and optimism, despite the many broken systems we see all around us. 

My life experience ranges the traditional to unconventional: from JD/MBA valedictorian; to binge-drinking, chain-smoking, recreational-drug-using, buffalo-wing-and-steak-devouring, global first-class-flying strategy consultant based in Manhattan; onto a dedicated nearly decade long and ongoing study of global wisdom traditions from the Amazon to the Himalayas; and beyond as a sober, vegan, mindfulness and self-knowledge practitioner connected to an ancient yogic lineage of India and founder of Imaginally.  I have worked hard to cultivate worldliness and open-mindedness with travel to 55+ countries, and extensive inner travel to match.  I try to spend as much time as possible with people infinitely wiser than me.

I would love to be perfect but am not even close, occasionally pull out random references to growing up in the 80’s, and enjoy tasty stuff.  Thanks for visiting my site.  All the best to you. 

Ultimately, I believe being human is a brave act.