An Invitation: Transform Your Relationship with Self, Money, Profession, and Life.

Welcome to Imaginally: friend, depth coach, and guide for the New Story of You and the New Story of Us.




We're All Seeking the Same Thing--the Highest, Truest Expression of Ourselves. 

WHAT WE DO: Imaginally Depth Coaching nurtures the inner clarity and self-trust to pursue a profession and life guided by your truest gifts, talents and convictions. Together we map and navigate a more fulfilling path. 

HOW WE DO IT: We guide you through a structured inquiry into your limiting beliefs and behaviors. We help you shape a new narrative of self, world, and life that unlocks insight, growth and change.

WHY WE DO IT: We believe that finding and living the highest, truest expression of ourselves breaks the modern cycle of apathy and malaise, cultivating a culture of peace and prosperity.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Science of the Mind, Intuition of the Heart, and Purposeful Action to Change your Inner and Outer World.  Everything we do is based on deep research into human development, drawing on neuroscience, global wisdom traditions, and depth psychology.  Everything we do is based on what works.  Everything we do is inspired by human nature.  Imaginally is a sincere wish and expert, practical support for you to shine.

"I have a totally different view of the world, of my business and of myself." ~Leandro, client


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

~Mark Twain


You're Secretly Scared You Might Not Measure Up.  But Your Life is Calling You Beyond Playing it Safe.

FACT:  Living a life by others' standards is THE #1 DEATHBED REGRET. 

OBSERVATION: A New Day is Dawning.  One by one, the movement grows of those of us stepping away from the outdated paradigm of profession and life.  More of us take the next solid step in the direction of who we really are.  Fewer of us settle for a life where something's missing, where something doesn't quite fit, where we are harassed by the nagging sense of a misalignment between what we do and who we are. 

Industrial-era values that we learned to associate with work growing up, are giving way to a human economy based on connection, purpose, and expression of true gifts and talents.  When each of us gives up the formulaic version of success inherited by osmosis, we focus on finding and living from our natural place in the world.  As a consequence, the game of scarcity, survival, and status gives way in favor of deep personal and professional fulfillment.  Imaginally believes that we increasingly create collective possibilities for peace and prosperity as each of us reclaims our lives and our inherent power. 

"I stopped pretending things were peachy and perfect." ~Scott, client